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What is the difference between the CBD-infused oil (drops) and the CBD tincture?

Both products are infused with CBD, the tincture is an alcohol base and the oil is a liquid coconut oil base. The taste of the tincture is kind of harsh, since it is made with 150 proof grain alcohol, while the taste of the liquid coconut oil is very mild. The alcohol tincture is reported to be faster acting than the oil. Both product work to carry CBD into the system, orally.

Will this help my (insert condition)? Do you have any medicines that can help with (insert condition)?

Although we have collected testimonials from many customers asserting that our products have helped a wide range of conditions, this is all very new, very experimental, and very individual. We encourage you to be experimental and if you get no satisfaction, simply write us at and we will process a full refund. You may also browse the testimonials in our private library:

Do you have any products for skin conditions? Psoriasis, eczema, alopecia?

Although our topical salve has been reported to heal many skin conditions, we are very reluctant to recommend a topical, because we know that the skin must have air to breath and heal, and the oils block the pores. Having said that, however, if it is applied sparingly, and withdrawn immediately if it irritates, some people have had success with it. We cannot give medical advice, but here at the Beguinage, we take CBD drops (ingested) for skin conditions, because we believe that most skin conditions originate from stomach lining issues.

What does the salve do?

Our multi-purpose topical CBD salve was developed to alleviate muscle and joint pain, but we have testimonials from people who use it to ward off migraines, who have used it for toothaches, earaches, diaper rash. It is very experimental. All our ingredients are food grade. Be experimental. Listen to your body.

Can you send me some information on the benefits of your products?

Although we have collected testimonials from many customers asserting that our products have helped a wide range of conditions, this is all very new, very experimental, and very individual. We encourage you to google “your condition + CBD” and see what the latest science is. Also, if you choose to use our products, be experimental and if you get no satisfaction, simply write us at and we will process a full refund.

Where can I find more information about the Sisters?

Store (click on ‘shop’ link at top):

Sister Kate’s blog:

youtube playlist (music videos) / inside and outside the abbey:

The Sisters’ personal library can also be accessed at:

Do you have anything that is known to help cancer patients? My dad has colon and liver cancer.

We are not doctors and are not allowed to give medical advice. As students of CBD, we know that the people who have successfully used CBD to reverse cancer, take it in many forms or very high dosages. We have specifically stocked our pure plant oil for people with serious illnesses, such as cancer, at the request of our buying public and following. We hear that doctors and herbalist will recommend anywhere from 50 mg a day of CBD to as much as 2 full grams. There is much, yet, to be studied, and much yet, to be revealed. Everyone is guessing, at this point. It is highly experimental. For colon cancer, if someone here were suffering from that, we would put them on CBD in suppository form.

What is the best product for arthritis and fibromyalgia?

Both the topical salve and the ingested oil (drops) have been reported to help arthritis and fibromyalgia. All people are different, however, and all conditions are different, and CBD is highly experimental at this time in history. If one decides to try CBD topicals, we recommend applying the salve three times a day for three days, and then adjusting dosage, usually, downward. At the beginning, you want to blast the system a little with the CBD to make up for the deficiency of this compound in the body. If there is severe and chronic pain, we advise people to also ingest the drops three times a day for the first three days, and then adjust according to the results seen. One must listen to their body. Pay attention to the clues. The body will say if it is helping or not. If there is no results, please write us at and we will either refund or replace the product with something else.

How do I become a Sister or Brother?

If you to our website and scroll to the bottom of the landing page, you have the option to sign up for our newsletter. The newsletters are sent out monthly, or quarterly, depending on if we have something to report or not. Through the newsletter, we announce visitor programs, wholesale programs, and Sister/Brother programs. or write and provide information about yourself and your intentions.

How can I arrange a working visit to your farm?

First, you should go to the website and subscribe to the newsletter, because that’s where invitations for visitors will be announced. Second, please send an email to our Support Team ( as they keep the company visitor schedule. Please either attach a resume, or summarize your work history in a few paragraphs in an email.

Do I need a medical cannabis card to use your products?

You do not need a cannabis card, nor a medical marijuana authorization by your doctor, or any doctor, to buy or use our products, because none of our products contain THC. Our products are considered to be hemp oil based, because the plant we use is less than .3% THC. All our batches are lab tested to ensure that the end product is under .3% THC. We ship around the world and this is the standard. It takes 3% to 4% THC to register on any kind of measurement device, and are levels of THC are considered to be ‘trace amounts’.

How can I buy your products at a store?

We do not operate a brick and mortar store. The only way you can get our products is through our online store: and the product is shipping by post. We are in the process of rolling out our wholesale program, and soon, we will have stores selling our products, but not at this immediate time.

Are there any alternatives to ordering online?
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Can I purchase through you directly?

If you call in during office hours (Pacific Time), we can help you — 209 626 6003. Also, note that the website is sometimes shaky when we get hit by many visitors at the same time. It should settle down if you try back.

Do you have any medicines that can help with breathing?

We are not doctors and we are not allowed to give medical advice. However, we are Sisters obligated to share what we know and all that we believe to be true, about plant-based medicine. We believe that the CBD puts the body into alignment to heal itself, thus, it works for many conditions. We recommend that for specific information, you check out Or put ‘CBD and breathing problems’ into any search engine to begin reading about what the doctors say. It is highly experimental at this time, but we are encouraging people to embrace that journey and report their findings. If you try our CBD products and you get no relief, you just have to let us know (email, and we will process a full refund. Be experimental with dosages, and don’t be afraid to take more, because it is harmless and healthful.

Can you send me some information on the benefits of your products?

We are restricted by the FDA from making any beneficial claims about our products. We can, however, report that we have been in business for a little over two years and have over seven thousand happy, repeat customers. Our first three best-selling products are our topical salve, in three different sizes, but all the same salve. Next is our CBD-infused oil drops. We do collect testimonials, but we can not publish them. They are available in our private library.

Do you have a product for seizures, for epileptics?

The Sisters believe that the best medicine for epileptics is the THC compound from the cannabis plant. Our products have virtually no THC. We have had people in states that forbid THC use our CBD products to control or minimize seizures, but you might wish to review the testimonials we have collected in our Private Library.

Do you ship to (insert any place in the world)?

We ship to every town, province, and country in the world.

Are you real nuns?

We are Beguine revivalists, and prefer the title ‘Sisters’ or ‘Sisterhood’. However, by dictionary definition, we are, in fact nuns. We live together, work together, pray together, and take life-time vows. For more about our beliefs, see the article “Being Beguines” by Sister Kate.

Are you Christian?

We are a newly formed, spiritual and intentional community. When we looked for land to settle upon, we looked for land that had never had blood spilled there. When we looked for our Spiritual beliefs, we looked back to our pre-Christian, ancient Beguine mothers. We respect Christianity, as we respect all Spiritual beliefs of others, but it is not central to our beliefs or practices.