12/18/2015erbellington5 starsFast shipping great product 🙂salve
12/23/2015jbarker4165 starsshipped fast and was high quality. What more can you ask for?CBD tincture
12/23/2015jbarker4165 starswow i can't say enough good things about this company and their products. They have real integrity which is rare today. Shipped pretty fast too.salve
12/23/2015Joolz Denby5 starsFirst class product, highly recommended - CBD is amazing stuff and this is the highest quality. Plus a brilliant free gift! Only drawback is huge UK customs charge - but I'd still pay it for goods of this standard of excellence!CBD tincture
1/1/2016Julie McQuade5 starsThank you for the fast shipping! I am still amazed and so thankful about how much this oil has helped me.CBD oil
1/2/2016Jerry King5 starsDo yo thang ladies DO YO THANG!! ??
1/3/2016David A Cruz5 starsdo what you do and keep on doing it you are healers
1/3/2016Dej Blaze5 starsWhat Can we do from Washington to help your cause?
1/4/2016Chris Tsakonakis5 starsVery potent and effective! Great alternative to "traditional" prescription medicine and much safer. Defintely will be doing future business.skullcap
1/7/2016Amrita Cottrell5 starsWow. Thanks. It really helps.salve
1/9/2016Melissa Wolfe5 starsI believe what you're doing is a wonderful thing! This plant was put on this earth for a reason, that reason is for healing! You're very beautiful and caring people to be doing this to help others! Keep doing what you're doing!... More
1/10/2016keywestmama5 starsThank you for fast shipping.white sage
1/11/2016Heather Merker5 starsThank you very fast shippingsalve
1/11/2016Kelly Lopez4 starsThank you! Shipped on time😊salve
1/12/2016patq15 starsShipping was extremely fast. Product was very well packaged and protected against damage.salve
1/12/2016Robert Coley5 starsThank you for this amazing product, its perfect!salve
1/12/2016Susan Campolo Torregrossa3 starsThank you for the free giftCBD tincture
1/12/2016Amanda Dionne5 starsi love this stuff works greatsalve
1/14/2016 lindalang20115 starsvery fast shipment...I am just starting to use and will post a new review soon !Thank you so muchCBD-inf oil
1/15/2016Samantha Heath4 starsKeep up the good work!!! More of this is much needed <3 _/|\_
1/16/2016Barbara Schultz5 starsAs described, speedy response and delivery.salve
1/16/2016Barbara Schultz5 stars'Thicker' product then I expected. Tasty.CBD infused oil
1/16/2016Franklin Scicluna5 starsYou are all amazing! Keep it up sisters! X
1/21/2016Caroline5 starsFantastic! Worth the wait!!!salve
1/22/2016geopal495 starsAlthough they apologized for taking too long, it came quite fast. Thankssalve
1/23/2016Victor Fonsea5 starsWas very helpful with my questions.. Shipped very fast .. Will be making future purchasessalve
1/25/2016Ruby Dalsgard5 starsThank you very much 🙂salve
1/26/2016Lee5 starsWorks great!!! I will be back for more. Thank you.salve
1/26/2016Tamara Kulish5 starsExcellent item! This is a reorder!salve
1/28/2016Jillian5 starsFantastic Sage, gets the job done! <3white sage
1/28/2016Jillian5 starsGreat salve! Love this product.salve
1/28/2016Jillian5 starsGreat product..thank you Sisters! <3CBD infused oil
1/28/2016michelgemz5 starsgood product absorbs quickly. thank you.salve
1/30/2016Faye Daniels5 starsTried, liked and will definitely purchase again....salve
2/1/2016k.n.5 starsThis shop is THE BEST I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. After a slight mix up, which they resolved immediately and pleasantly, I will recommend their product to anyone.salve
2/2/2016Kevin Davidson5 starsSo far so great! Great product and great people, thanks!!skullcap
2/3/2016sallyfedus15 starsAnother great product by the Sisters. Again, packaging was excellent and the product arrived quickly. Thank you, Sisters for providing this fabulous product! I appreciate the time and care put into everything you do.skullcap
2/4/2016Mary L McCullough5 starsQuick shipping and love the added salve. Looking forward to buying you CBD tincture when available. Thanks so much.skullcap
2/4/2016Yvonne Ray4 starsThank you, it helped. Smells yummy ~salve
2/6/2016Robert Guando5 starsJust got the salve today. Can't wait to try it. Also thanks for the sage gift. Will use that too. Keep it up!salve
2/8/2016Rayelido5 starsThe item arrived promptly and packaged very securely with vaccum-sealed wrap. A freeby small container of the product was also added as a bonus. The salve is premium quality with a pleasant aroma. Ordered additional jars right away to share with friends and family! Thanks Sisters of the Valley! 😎salve
2/9/2016Nancy Keen5 starsThis is, for me, one of the greatest finds in years! I am so very grateful to the Sister's of the Valley for producing a quality, beneficial wellness product. I love, love, love it and have gladly shared this treasure with, many of my friends. Respectfully, Nancy Keensalve
2/14/2016Kim Martin5 starsGreat packaging. Wonderful product!!white sage
2/16/2016dennismelford5 StarsGood Stuff at a reasonable PriceCBD tincture
2/16/2016Jan Scott5 starsVery colorful. Just as I had hoped. Thank you. Shipment was very quick.art
2/22/2016Tom Park5 starsAmazing product! I love it!CBD tincture
2/23/2016Laura Saecker5 starsWonderful and amazing product !!!CBD tincture
2/27/2016Kim5 stars❤️ this! Amazing product. .... You really need to try this for yourself. The sisters are helpful, responsive, and provide fabulous customer service.salve
2/29/2016heather5 starsi received my order yesterday and am already in love. thank you sisters. please continue doing what you are doing!salve
3/4/2016Traci B5 starsLove love love... thank you sisters! ?salve
3/5/2016Norma Burke5 starsMy package arrived today. I am so happy with this purchase that I am wishing there were more than five stars to rate this one with. Great packaging. Surprised with the addition of the sage stick with the ribbon. Thank you Sisters!salve
3/8/2016River Digs5 starsThis works well, we would recommendCBD tincture
3/8/2016Teri Lyn Powell5 starsSmells great. Haven't used it to give a fair review but will update my review soon. I love the sage bundle too. Thank you.salve
3/8/2016River Digs5 starsExactly what I have used before!sage
3/10/2016recycledthreads5 starsfabulous product! fast ship and will order more! Thanks for making this!salve
3/11/2016Stephanie5 starsThis is an amazing salve! Thank you!!salve
3/15/2016Czortman5 starsWonderful product! Will purchase again!salve
3/17/2016Vfonseca5 starsLove this item. I will buy again from this store!CBD infused oil
3/17/2016Vfonseca5 starsAwesome service! That's why I always come back!! A+++++salve
3/22/2016revd5 starsI am very happy with this product.salve
3/23/2016tlhtam5 starsI am impressed with the timely manner I received my order. I LOVE the scent- I put some on tonight before bed and I look forward to using it regularly.salve
3/25/2016lemondrop5 stars5 starsCBD infused oil
3/25/2016lemondrop5 stars5 starssalve
3/29/2016ff585 starsmuti-purpose salve 5 starssalve
3/29/2016jolieain5 starsLove, love, love it, It works!salve
3/29/2016mfliss5 starsI received my order very promptly and the seller was great with communication when i had entered the wrong address for shipping she worked fast and corrected it for me right away! The product is excellent and will buy again!👍CBD infused oil
3/31/2016heather merker5 starsAwesome productsalve
3/31/2016mb09235 starsFlawless transaction! Thanks for a great product.
4/8/2016Scott Ware5 starsBless you dear sisters keep up the great work! Genesis 1:29
4/25/2016Luciano Hernandez5 starsAwesome products And very creative spiritual group doing work that is much needed and entirely blessed by angels and heavenly mercy! May their cup always overrunneth!!!CBD products
6/3/2016Kekua Aoko5 starsThat is the way to do things.no religion.no politics.everithing on the open no hiden agendas..good for you sisters..
6/7/2016Richard McMillan5 starsthis is just amazing... i cant thank you enuf or praise you enuf... rock on Sisters!CBD products
6/8/2016Thami Shekina5 starsNice so Nice Gott bless you <3
6/8/2016Lilia Mamolejo5 starsI'm so glad because what are you doing I view an article from you sisters...
6/10/2016Jorge Torres Santana5 starsCommit to improve the quality of life of these women is something worthy of mention, gratification even if it's not monetary, but if it would be a moral one. Offer the world what oligarchies forbid us makes the heroines of a cause that takes thousands of years between us but that, "thank you" to the powerful (Pharmaceutical), it takes hundreds of years marginalised and vetoed despite their contribution to the improvement Vital of the entire world.
7/21/2016Devin Harwood5 starsThe sisters are all that's right and pure within the world. Their products are made with love you can feel. Such a strong commitment to excellence and compassion makes the sisters an indispensable part of our society, so much love to you; sisters.CBD products
8/19/2016Ania Enid5 starsThank you for the amazing work that you do. God bless.CBD products
8/31/2016Vanda Stovall5 starsI want to be one of the sisters in the valley! So beautifully presented...pure, funny and powerful. I love them!
9/15/2016javier-727@hotmail.com5 starsThank you sister Kate for sharing more specifics about your philosophy… I find your work and spiritual views fascinating. I like the point about “We are not exclusive of men, we just don’t trust their judgement much in regard to spiritual leadership… We have Brothers who work with us, and who agree, actually.” I agree as well, and I hope that I can be (somehow) part of your community. I am currently living overseas, so I don’t know yet if I will be able to buy your products. Anyways, may Peace & Blessings be upon you and the sisters <3
9/16/2016Maria Wood5 starsThe bible tells us that all the plants on the earth are for the use of man. Well done Sisters. Bless you all. �
10/9/2016Angelina Iapaolo5 starsI received my order today. Thank you for figuring out the mix up of my order and rectifying it in a timely fashion. All the best.
10/15/2016sam.fern@rocketmail.com5 starsThank you for your great work, never give up!! ??Merced County
10/19/2016canelonelsa@hotmail.com5 starsYou rock sisters..! May GOD / GODESS bless your living work.Breaking Custom
10/28/2016lavispera6@hotmail.com5 starsEverything to the point, well said! Hugs from a kindred spirit in Bolivia, herbalist for 30 years, Margageneral
11/5/2016Guner Schiffer5 starsGreat respect for your fight for hampf!!!
11/15/2016Debbie Esser5 starsI really love what they stand for, non conformity something different yet ancient
11/17/2016Solana Sullivan5 stars<3 love you ladies, and keep fighting the good fight for the ganja! :)
11/21/2016Ragenia Waddada5 starsSuch Sacred Work????? I am So Grateful & Inspired.
11/23/2016Doug Woodall5 starsGreat products! Shipping and Packaging were excellent.
11/27/2016mail@lunavilen.com5 starsYou are one of the only things that have made sense to me in years. If I could I would join your work, but Denmark is a long way away. Thank you for your work, your dedication, your inspiration and the hope you bring.Breaking Custom
12/5/2016ejhamilt@yahoo.com5 starsOh my, you guys sound awesome! I’d love to work for you. I am Boston based.
12/23/2016Anton Kotov5 starsIt's great!  I am very happy when I see that there are so amazing womens and society on our planet! I would really like to become a member in one of these organizations. But in Russia it's no more than sweet dream.  Sorry for my mistakes. Keep up the good work!
12/24/2016Malte Stawiarski5 starsNice Work Sisters! merry Christmas!
1/3/2017Acelucky13@ymail.com5 starsOh my! Sister Kate, your words are inspiring, you have a way with words that south my soul, and paint a thousand pictures in my mind, I thrive to write like you do but as poetry. I love all of your hard work! I have yet to try your products but I will for I am still young but we all need natural medicines from our mother-earth, I truly believe in natural medicine with food, and herbs, I am a male but I believe the world would be a much better place ran but Women for Women are the true sole key to earth’s loving for true love and balance. I would really love to meet you all someday."Being Beguine
1/8/2017matt.southampton@gmail.com5 starsThank you Sister Kate for your inspirational work and sharing your wisdom.Being Beguine
1/12/2017joyfulwingscuriousthings@gmail.com5 starsI love everything about all of this, what and why you do what you do. Thank you Sisters! Inspiring! Infinite blessings ??general
2/19/2017Louis Eric Vasseur5 starsJust Very Nice my Sisters. That God bless you ! ??
3/15/2016Czortman4 starsShipped fast and very friendly to deal with. Will purchase againskullcap
9/1/2016Mian Morfe5 starsI love it, your work and attitude in society, cheers.
1/26/2016joann6820045 starsWorks great! Started out with minimal drops and increasing to find my doseCBD tincture
1/26/2016joann6820045 starsSpectacular product I use this on everything for everythingsalve
2/1/2016San M5 starsIt works!salve
2/3/2016Laurie R. Carter4 stars
2/6/2016Amanda Clark Reed5 starsThank you so much Sisters! I feel so blessed to have this plant medicine made with such beautiful light and love. I am filled with gratitude.CBD Tincture
2/9/2016Doreen Dupont5 starsExcellent therapeutic salve at a great price. Works great. Packaged well for shipment. A blessing for you.salve
2/12/2016SamM4 starsStrong taste. But medicines are supposed to taste that way. It seemed to help me with pain. I would like to use if for a longer time before I give a solid opinion. CBD tincture
3/8/2016ammiellakeisha5 starsVery soothing and relaxing. Used for anxiety. It works. Thank you.CBD-infused oil
3/9/2016ashley rogers5 starsWorks wonders!!salve
3/13/2016paige pooler5 starsSuper fast delivery and relief! Thank you, Sisters!salve
3/17/2016happymaven85 starsWorks wonders and appreciate it being made in a spiritual environment. Thank you for such a lovely product.CBD infused oil
3/22/2016pjorich5 starsIt works! And yes, I received it on time.salve
6/14/2016Joyce Trombly Brown5 starsThese ladies are the real deal. I love how they handle everything they are going through to benefit others. Bringing in the spirit of healing in every product they make.CBD products
11/12/2016dogglue2@gmail.com5 starsshit is bomb, works great, need moreholy soap
2/14/2017Edward Ruggles4 starsIt's so wonderful to have people dedicated to improving the well being and health of others naturally.. God Bless you all.
7/22/2015Devmcguig5 starsThe CBD tincture is amazing. It works way better than I could've imagined. All the reliefs with none of the thc related "high". I highly recommend it for muscle spasms and anxiety! Definitely purchasing again. THANK YOU SISTERSCBD Tincture
7/22/2015IdaC5 starsSo far I am having great results with it helping my athritis pain in my neck. I never thought I could find anything to help. I am so excited and happy to have found this CBD oil. It is no high it just helps pain. Amazing stuff. I don't mind the taste and this is a great company. Very nice service and you receive your product fast. So thankful I found this because my quality of life was going down and down. I was very depressed. I am thrilled.CBD infused oil
8/2/2015JT Dallas5 starsI took the salve to a cancer patient in Texas, undergoing chemo, and she said that she has her mother rub it on her limbs during treatment so that during and afterward her treatments, it prevents her from getting that crawling, creeping skin feeling she normally gets. She says it’s amazing and she needs more. (J.T. -- Dallas, Texas)salve
8/5/2015LF5 starsWhenever the weather gets cold, my grandma’s arthritis in her hands is so bad that she can’t open them to hold the steering wheel, so she can’t drive. I rubbed that salve on her hands twice the day before she had to drive and the cold weather didn’t affect her at all!salve
8/6/2015CR Merced5 starsMy sister had a stroke and lost nerve control on half her face, but she’s been putting your salve on and it’s coming back! It’s amazing! (C.R. -- Merced, CA)salve
8/6/2015RP Atw5 starsI burned the inside roof of my mouth with too hot pizza and immediately got a blister. I started rubbing the salve on my mouth, a little bit every few minutes for an hour, and not only did it relieve the pain, but I felt the blister gently deflate. When I woke the next morning, there was no evidence of ever having a burn.”salve
8/9/2015Julie McQuade5 stars5 stars isn't enough to express how happy I am to have this oil. It has helped, just in the short amount of time Ive been taking it, with a symptom of my RA known as "brain fog". Also, has helped my energy levels and joint pain. Thank you Sister Kate for you thoughtful note that you sent along with my items. Love and Light to you all <3CBD products
8/10/2015GG Vet5 starsI had knee surgery and lived with constant pain until Kate brought me the salve. I use it daily, now, and it really helps in pain management, and mobility. (G.G. -- Merced, CA)salve
8/12/2015SJM5 starsI was working in my garden and reached in, without gloves, to a bag of stinging nettles! Immediately, my arms turned red and blistered . . . And my hands, so I got the salve and it began healing right away. I am severely allergic and twenty four hours later and applied it three or four times during the next 24 hours and then there was no evidence of it ever happening! (S.M. -- Atwater, CA)salve
8/17/2015Tobie865 starsI am still amazed by this oil. The tracking said it arrived to my post office on Friday so I went to pick it up because I follow my gut especially when people steal your mail. I have tried multiple companies through etsy and nothing comes close to this potent Tincture. It's everything I have dreamed of. This is the only oil I know of that is strong enough without going to the dispensaries. My pain level has dramatically decreased I'm moving around more and being more physical like I'm ten years younger. No headaches since starting this. I couldn't be any happier you have no idea what this has done for me. This is good for anxiety as well. I have to say that the shipping is #1 also it took only 2 days from Cali to the southeast which I got a order from Georgia and it took 6 days to ship one state away. Thank you sisters!!CBD-infused oil
8/20/2015Alexander Jobson Jones5 starsI like how they air seal the package. Plus I got something extra that I had my eye on as a plus. I will be purchasing from here again.  As for pain relief it helps astoundingly. Feels like straight out of massage table. My neck pain and nerve pain is gone if not bearable to that it's forgotten.salve
10/7/2015Lambiase1235 starsI have had an exercise related pain in the thumb pad of my right hand for 18 months. I have seen a chiropractor, my medical doctor, and an acupuncturist. The salve has helped so much. Not only has it relieved the pain, but I believe healing is occurring because it hurts less and less every day! I am able to do push-ups, planks, etc. again! Thank you so much!! salve
12/9/2015Jamie Fiorentino4 starsI just received today. It shipped quickly. I have been suffering with a skin condition called hidradenitis. It's awful. I have had five surgeries, the last one just a month ago. A new area popped up recently. I researched online and came across this product as offering some major progress and hope and a lot of positive feedback. It was packaged nicely and I just applied it. I will let you know of my of progress. I hope it's good. Thank you!!salve
12/10/2015DEE5 starsTruly a blessing! Cant thank you enough for this wonderful salve! The small tin was gifted to a friend whom is wheelchair bound,really helps her knee pain!!!!salve
12/11/2015Mizginevra5 starsCBD Tincture
12/11/2015Mizginevra5 starswhite sage
12/12/2015Genevieve Wing5 starsCan't say how grateful I am to have found this product. Suffering from major pain (awaiting surgery) and pain meds don't agree with me. Tried medical marijuana but didn't like high effect. This is perfect and really does the job. Back for more. Thank you Sisters!!CBD tincture
12/12/2015Genevieve Wing5 starswhite sage
12/14/2015Josie Jo5 starsVery useful product. Great with pain & inflammation. The Sisters have developed a miracle in a jar. Customer service & shipping faultless.salve
12/14/2015Josie Jo5 starsI love the Sisters for taking the time & trouble utilising Mother Nature's gift to us & creating this blessed oil. Keeping my fibromialgia & anxiety manageable. Customer service & shipping faultless.CBD infused oil
12/15/2015wnm4445 starsThank you Sisters so much for sending out the CBD oil. Your response time to the bad situation caused by shipping was exemplary. I've never dealt with a company that cares so much for their customers. So how was the CBD? My wife takes this for her Fibromyalgia. It works amazingly well for her pain when she combines it with another Cannabinoid. Thank you so much sisters. Have the a great Christmas and a wonderful New Years. All the best , BillCBD infused oil
12/17/2015spreadtheplur5 starssalve
12/18/2015lindalang20115 starsCBD Tincture
12/29/2015dennismelford5 starsEasy to use and very effective on My back& leg pain -no more sleepless nites!CBD tincture
12/29/2015Julien Jimmy Thiessart5 stars
12/31/2015Tilly Chirobokow5 stars
1/2/2016Chris Ballo5 stars
1/2/2016Connie L Nisbet5 stars
1/3/2016Kairu Solo Artist5 stars
1/3/2016Ryan Bloomquist5 stars
1/4/2016Angie Chitica5 stars
1/4/2016Willow Morningsky5 stars
1/5/2016kathyfrawley3 stars1st try made me nauseous so I have to figure out how to use it so it wont.CBD tincture
1/5/2016Tamara Kulish5 starsIt's working slowly on one stubborn thick spot, but at least it's no longer hurting me! I have severe winter allergies which leaves me with cracked and severely itchy eyelids... This is the only lotion/salve/cream that I've been able to apply which helps relieve the itch and has stopped my tears from feeling acidic on my skin. I need to use it frequently throughout the day, but at least I'm not suffering! Love the product!salve
1/6/2016Helen Patek5 starsCBD tincture
1/6/2016Helen Patek5 starssalve
1/7/2016beberbot5 starsI can't say enough about how well the CBD salve works for me. I use it for treatment for the pain I have in my knees due to severe arthritis. I have really noticed a difference in the range of motion I have and also am walking again. Being able to walk just a few blocks used to be intolerable. I am now almost achieving a mile. I feel so much better, and soon I'll make that mile and maybe more! ..... Well I would like to edit my review. I have been using the CBD salve for 6 days now. Not only does this salve relieve my arthritis pain, but I have had a lot of swelling in my knees for years due to severe osteoarthritis. I have had no luck with icing or anti inflammatory pills. After so many years of this I am finally seeing reduced swelling! And btw I am achieving a mile a day now! Wonderful product.salve
1/7/2016Anne Marie Anderson5 stars
1/8/2016Mariyln R.5 starsThis salve really works great ! Puts pain from headaches, and especially knee pain to rest for a good while. Love itsalve
1/8/2016Wicket Naturalz3 starsTaste sweet with a warmness on the tongue. Somewhat messy and end up losing half of the dose due to thin. Think I would prefer straight up CBD oil not diluted. Do not notice a difference but no taking on regular basis so I do not think I can judge well. For me not a good fit.CBD infused oil
1/8/2016Michelle Brooks5 stars
1/8/2016Sandra Isernhagen-Roth5 stars
1/9/2016Sarah Milne3 stars
1/9/2016Woody Ponce5 stars
1/10/2016tmkitrell5 starssalve
1/10/2016Gypsy Brokenwings5 starsAs Bob Melamede says Cannabis is an essential nutrient that we've lived with for centuries...not a drug. These women are doing a great service and I applaud their resolve.
1/10/2016Paul Dunne5 stars
1/11/2016Heather Merker5 starsSisters of The Valley CBD Oil works. I use it to ease the pain I have in my lower back due to double hip replacement. Taste nice, not too sweet.CBD infused oil
1/11/2016Jacinta Farrelly5 stars
1/11/2016Karin Leslie Janssen5 stars
1/11/2016RuthAnn Chandler Scott5 stars
1/11/2016Xesc Bibiloni5 stars
1/12/2016Lucinda Hayes5 starsHoping for some of the original formula and not imported industial hemp soon.CBD infused oil
1/12/2016Robert Coley5 starsCBD tincture
1/12/2016Susan Campolo Torregrossa3 starssalve
1/12/2016Marita Francisco5 stars
1/13/2016h8cancer5 starsIt was NOT in my mailbox today!salve
1/13/2016revk23 starsTruly helps, without altering your brain! An awesome added benefit, in helping with our symptoms. And the sellers are sweethearts! Thank you! 🙂CBD-inf oil
1/13/2016smobrien645 starsAwesome product. I've been struggling to get pain relief, tired of otc and prescriptions for pain they helped a little but made me feel terrible. This product has helped me beyond words. No more pain i feel great.salve
1/14/2016Agrayfoot5 starsItem was shipped on time. My grandma and myself love this item. After the 2nd day of usage the excruciating back pain she felt was gone! Using it on my feet brought me so much relief the next morning. I Highly recommend this item!!salve
1/14/2016Agrayfoot5 starsThe item was shipped on time. This item is definitely worth the money paid. It calmed my anxiety and neutralized my stress. I am definitely going to recommend this item to other prior military friends of mine who also suffer from PTSD. Moreover, its getting rid of my cortisol contribution in my tummy. I'm loosing weight haha not much but glad to lose the gut. Thank you Sisters!CBD tincture
1/14/2016Cristina Corea5 starsFast shipping, migraine solution!!!CBD tincture
1/14/2016Cristina Corea5 starssalve
1/14/2016Wendy Bordelove5 starssalve
1/15/2016kellyinviere5 starsI have been struggling for 10 years with pain and nausea. I have tried more prescriptions than I care to remember, and I can finally say I have found something that eases the pain. salve
1/15/2016kellyinviere5 starsThis product has helped me more than I can say. I was just in the hospital for abdominal pain, convulsing, and vomiting. Between the oil and the salve, I have been able to come home, and better manage my symptoms. I highly recommend this product. It has been a godsend. I cannot thank the Sisters enough. My wife Kelly was in the hospital for a week, and this oil along with the salve from this store allowed her to come home and actually start recovering. I discovered and ordered this product just before she was admitted to the hospital. None of the medications they were giving her in the hospital helped as much as this did. Update: Was very helpful with my questions.. Shipped very fast .. Will be making future purchasesCBD infused oil
1/15/2016kellyinviere5 starsReceived Fast! I've been using the salve and have noticed a definite improvement on a raised rough spot on my skin. Another two weeks and it should be totally gone!salve
1/15/2016Jin Seng Gardens5 stars
1/15/2016Linda Kissinger5 stars
1/15/2016Yavuz Alp Cerci5 stars
1/17/2016Curt Tattoou5 stars
1/17/2016Itzi Abigail Lugo Fuentes5 stars
1/18/2016Corazon Rebelde5 stars
1/18/2016Jose Luis Castaneda Jimenez5 stars
1/18/2016Laurie Carre5 stars
1/19/2016mishop75 starsSimply magical. This is my first time using any CBD based product and I am amazed at the quick relief I get for muscle and joint aches.salve
1/19/2016Oleg Ifraimov5 stars
1/19/2016Stephen Martin Mc Grath5 stars
1/21/2016Miss Jenn5 starsMy first CBD Salve. I have had chronic pain for years and have tried everything. This salve worked so quickly I ordered the larger size within an hour of receiving it! The sisters are amazing and sweet. Great customer service. Very helpful with inquires about their products. I would not buy from anyone else! I am so grateful!salve
1/22/2016Vincent Palo5 starssalve
1/23/2016Nisam Sarikas5 stars
1/24/2016Millie Andreasen5 stars
1/25/2016Mona5 starsThis helped my arthritic wrist and I tried it on family & friends who have similar problems in shoulders and knees. They were very happy with the relief they experienced. I recently purchased another salve for a friend who wanted one because it helped him so much.salve
1/25/2016vintagesouffle5 starssalve
1/26/20165 starsAbsolutely fabulous! I'm using it on my knees and after 3 days its starting to really work. By so much! Will be be k for more!salve
1/26/20165 starsI was always trying to get the CBD by a trusted source. With the Sisters of the Valley I also believe on what they preach by takingcare of the plants therefore having a much better concentrate oil. I recommend the product, it does work with nausea, cramps, body pain, headache & etc. Sure does makes me feel good. Thank you for the product and continue the production of this marvelous natures best!🙏🏻🇺🇸CBD infused oil
1/26/2016Cherie Serjeant5 starsTHIS IS TO THE POINT N A VERY GOOD SITE. I would recommend everybody check it out and pray these gals get their way with the law
1/26/2016Jennifer Wilson5 stars
1/27/2016Mac5 starsArrived carefully packaged with tamper proof seal, and shrink wrap. Seller communicates status perfectly. Be patient- this is a natural product, prepared by hand - and seller strives for consistent quality and lab testing of their products. Very grateful to try this, for my Mother, presently in Hospice. We will be using this to help manage pain level: in old back fractures, joint pain in stroke affected hand, and abdominal pain from distension related to aortic valve stenosis. Patients deserve comfort from pain, without the side effects from morphine and other opiates. Thank you very much, for your continued effort.CBD infused oil
1/27/2016Mac5 starsGrateful for your thoughtful effort, preparing this salve. It arrived, perfectly and safely packaged. Tincture bottles had tamper proof seals. Bottles and salve shipped in shrink seal. Great vendor communication. This is a naturally grown and prepared product, and seller strives for consistent quality. Be patient. This salve will be used to treat my mother's neuropathy, related to bone spur, two sacrum fracture sites, and the abdominal distension pain, related to aortic valve stenosis. Will post results after we use for a while. Morphine sulfate used by Hospice, is causing a host of other side effects - so we are hopeful. Thank you so very much, for your continued effort. Update: It arrived on time. I use it every day and it appears to be working - thank yousalve
1/27/2016Egroeg Penchovski5 stars
1/27/2016Jessica Cooper-Herbst5 stars
1/28/2016itstinksinhere5 starsPackaged well and shipped quickly. Thank you for the extra. Love the natural scent as well. Lets me know how super concentrated this salve is. Currently using this on a facial cut and an abdominal surgery scar that hurts. Thank you.salve
1/28/2016Jillian5 starsLove it! Good product, works great on my anxiety and depression.CBD tincture
1/29/2016lenka7135 starssalve
1/29/2016Miss Jenn5 starsThe Sisters have a hit with this Salve! I am a return customer and will continue to return. I have been suffering with chronic pain for years and have tried everything and this has really helped. I cannot wait to try to Supplement and Tincture!!salve
1/29/2016wyrickt5 starsskullcap
1/29/2016wyrickt5 starssalve
1/29/2016Mireille Edith Chemin5 stars
1/30/2016lemondrop5 starsI was a bit shocked by the smell (like very strong, green herb) but it was worth it, it made my shoulder pain go away for almost 4 hrs- and nothing has been able to do that. It shipped really quickly too.salve
1/31/2016rcrisci5 starsHelped my hip arthritis within minutes of applying it. Thank you!!salve
1/31/2016sallyfedus15 starsProduct was wrapped carefully. I am thankful for the sisters and the holistic products they make to heal people.salve
1/31/20164 starsReally helps my joint pain!salve
1/31/2016Connie Hansen5 stars
2/1/2016Marjen Spectraspider5 stars
2/2/2016revmarcia12 starsMy friend loves it. Too pungent for mesalve
2/2/2016Susan Dorado5 starsGreat salve. Husband using for plantar faciitis and it appears to be helping.salve
2/2/2016usedtires0215 starsShe tried these drops they did nothing at all but the cream I ordered for her worked really well. I guess it affects people different. (UPDATE) The sisters sent me a complimentary bottle of the stronger drops to try and they worked well. I would recommend these to anyone that's trying to find a natural remedy instead of prescription pills. They're worth the try. Mike MurrayCBD Tincture
2/2/2016usedtires0215 starsMu wife has lyme disease and has taken a lot of medication for the joint pain. This cream really worked well all by itself.salve
2/2/2016Cindy Rosemary5 stars
2/2/2016Edo Say5 stars
2/3/2016MysticalCrystalChild5 starsCBD tincture
2/4/2016Sandy Summers4 stars
2/4/2016Vera Pearson5 stars
2/5/2016Cheryl Palmer-Bird5 starssalve
2/5/2016scubiesteve5 starsThat HIGH CBD salve is great for people with dehebilitating pain from inflammation in their joints! Highly recommended!!!salve
2/5/2016scubiesteve5 starsCan't get enough! Back for more high CBD tincture to help my grandmother with her arthritis and to help my father in law with his gout! Can't get enough of this medicine for the people I care about the most! Thank you sisters!CBD Tincture
2/5/2016scubiesteve5 starsThis is great medicine for relieving pain from inflammation, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. An amazing product by amazing women!CBD Tincture
2/5/2016Rhonda Bridges Wharton5 stars
2/6/2016BananaGrove5 starssalve
2/6/2016BananaGrove5 starsskullcap
2/6/2016Charity Marie Huskey4 starsI am so glad you believe in what you are doing and are fighting the good fight for those of us fighting the good fight medically! The difference it has made for me in my battles with Cancer and Lupus is incredible! And it has reversed quite a bit of the damage done by the pain , nausea, and multiplicity of other "traditional" medications the doctors had prescribed. And I have no need of most of those medications now, almost all have been replaced by ONE! Cannabis... Be it extract, tincture, butter, honey, it all comes down to one natural plant given unto the earth and us by our creator.. God bless you amazing warrior women and anoint you with the strength and courage to continue your battle! Amen. You make it possible for people like me to continue our battle..CBD products
2/6/2016Ron Gardiner5 stars
2/7/2016Bee Barrett5 starsIt was my 1st buy of hemp oil, for my mother, a spinal injured tetraplegic, who has suffered from unimaginable leg spasms for 18 years. Takes horrible so called pharmaceutical medicine to control these spasms, but these nasty tablets have never given any comfort. Within 3 days of taking oil, the painful spasms had subsided,the pain had lessened to less than two thirds, however her physical spasms are still there, due to the injury but it has convinced me that this oil works. So thank you so much for this much needed relief, as I have watched her for 18 years, in constant pain, and I can now have uninterrupted sleep, not waking up every hour helping her with her pain. Thank you so much.CBD infused oil
2/8/2016Tracy Worrall5 starssalve
2/9/2016Diane Weber5 starsReally helps to relieve pain!!!!!!CBD Tincture
2/9/2016Vicki Abbatiello5 starsshipped on time and excellent product to relieve pain in hands and knees.salve
2/10/2016Elizabeth Villareal5 starsThis oil has helped my autistic son be much calmer and happier. We have even been able to reduce his use of one prescribed medication. Wish I had known sooner about this!CBD infused oil
2/10/2016Kim Martin5 starsPrompt delivery. The sisters answered all my questions by email and directed me to web sites for more information. Just started product last night. Will update on results for migraines. Love these sisters who care so much about our veterans.CBD tincture
2/10/2016Kim Martin5 starsSweet ladies! Awesome service! Just started product for migraines and I will leave comments in the near future about results. Great to do business with kind hearted people.salve
2/10/2016Patricia5 starssalve
2/10/2016Amanda Bennett5 stars
2/10/2016Watson Chris5 stars
2/12/2016Mona5 starsThis is working so well on a loved one with pain issues, thanks so much!!salve
2/13/2016Pamela Burney4 starsThis was good for my insomnia. You have to be careful to not use too much because it caused me a headache the next morning.skullcap
2/13/2016Pamela Burney2 starsI cant use this as its odor is so strong that I get questions. I do need to return this. Maybe the oil wont be as strongsalve
2/13/2016Karen M. Rozier5 stars
2/16/2016Diane Weber5 starsAmazing product!!! Really provides pain relief!!!salve
2/16/2016JanScott5 starsThe best I have had for my headaches and arthritis. Thank you.salve
2/16/2016Joanna Martelles5 starsI was skeptical, but it knocked out my anxiety and has made my hours-long insomnia a thing of the past. I still wake up, but can return to sleep within a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. I am SO grateful for this medicine!CBD tincture
2/16/2016nrl77775 starsItem shipped on time. My husband used the salve to ease swelling, and pain caused by his Rhematoid arthritis and it is fabulous. He covered his hands with rubber gloves to keep the salve on and after one night swelling and pain were greatly reduced.salve
2/16/2016Polly Simon5 starssalve
2/17/2016MarshaKaehler5 starsCBD tincture
2/18/2016h8cancer5 starsQuick acting product. Its changed my life .The salve has taken my pain almost all the way gone and works most of the day even when im working. No more pain meds needed . Absolutely a great product i love it.thank you.salve
2/18/2016Marilyn R5 starssalve
2/19/2016Marilyn Dailey5 starsGreat for arthritis pain!salve
2/19/2016Tara Jones5 starsUsed my salve a few times and it really works well! Really impressed with it so far! The smell brings back childhood memories lol (I was a 70s baby)! Gonna try the drops next! Arrived super fast! Thanks sisters!salve
2/19/2016Marilyn Dailey5 starsThe salve has been a tremendous help with my arthritis. I even have arthritis on the top of my left foot. The salve has made a difference in my quality of life.
2/20/2016HeatherMcNeil5 starsCBD tincture
2/20/2016riestra795 starsCBD tincture
2/20/2016Denise Taylor5 stars
2/20/2016Mansoor CK5 stars
2/21/2016joanna martelles5 starsI held off reviewing until I got feedback from my father, for whom I bought it for. He told me that this is the only medicine he has used that has worked for his arthritis. So much so that he wants me to buy another couple of jars for some members of his church that are in pain. He said that he gets immediate relief once he puts it on. Thank you so much for this medicine!salve
2/21/2016Ariel Gessika5 stars
2/21/2016Guevara Gina5 stars
2/22/2016Nancy Grover5 starsOk, this stuff is amazing for pain and for my husband's stress related insomnia. It is alcohol based so it is runny and dissipates quickly. There is a surprising warmth when you put it in your mouth. And a strong herb taste. I want a water chaser but my friend doesn't. Wherever you apply to your body for pain, it works fast!  Now for me, if I take this at night, I might be up all night. Not anxious, just awake and not sleepy. I was rarely mellowed by my few mj experiences as a youth, so maybe it's the same effect. I haven't tried any other tinctures to judge if this is better, I can just attest that this one works as proposed. If it's the extra care in growing, harvesting & processing - thank you!CBD tincture
2/22/2016Nancy Grover5 starsThis salve has worked wonders for my husband's chronic low back pain and his recently developed shoulder pain. He is amazed how fast it works. Helps him sleep much better.  I use it mainly for plantar fasciitis. AWESOME! I have also begun to use it as my daytime facial moisturizer. It does take a little time to dissipate the "oiliness" but it does absorb - just give it time. Foundation goes on SO nicely.  There is an initial smoked pot smell when first applied but that also dissipates.salve
2/22/2016shelleyj917375 starssalve
2/22/2016Pat Moss5 stars
2/24/2016Lisa Lane5 starsThis Salve is marvelous. My mother has been having foot issues for a long time, I gave it to her to try and it seems like it is working. Very happy with the results. I see other people say the smell is strong neither myself nor my mother find it having a strong smell. I will be purchasing more.salve
2/24/2016Lisa Lane4 starsShipped very fast. Great communication as I had a few questions. The alcohol is a bit strong, I put it under my tongue the first time and stung for a bit. I tried it on top of my tongue and did not swallow right away which is what I'm supposed to do. If not I will mix it with something from here on out. But it did help me get some sleep. 👍CBD tincture
2/24/2016Matt Stevens5 starssalve
2/25/2016MarshaKehler5 starssalve
2/25/2016Heather Bowshier5 stars
2/25/2016Teresa Tope5 stars
2/26/2016Dee5 starsGlad to have my cbd salve! Really great on arthritic joints! Blessings to the Sisters! ?salve
2/26/2016Heather Smith5 starssalve
2/26/2016Teresa Tope5 starsGreat smelling !! Great on my busted rib !salve
2/27/2016Jesse5 starssalve
2/27/2016Ray Thomas5 starsProduct works. Took my knee pain away fast!salve
2/27/2016Soapothecarium5 starssalve
2/29/2016angeloves07085 starsI bought this for a friend who has constant back pain and he said it is amazing. I am definitely going to order more.salve
2/29/2016megan gramble3 starsDon't really feel it doing anythingskullcap
2/29/2016Methuselah Choi4 starsArrived on time, works for my husbands pain in his feet.salve
2/29/2016Michelle Zorich5 starsCBD tincture
2/29/2016Michelle Zorich5 starssalve
2/29/2016Nadia Poison4 starsTo much alcohol. What is the best way to use this.CBD tincture
2/29/2016Rebecca Belleville5 starssalve
2/29/2016vanessarasuo5 starsCBD tincture
3/1/2016dennismelford5 starsThis is truly Amazing how fast this salve relieves My back and knee arthritus pain!salve
3/1/2016Madeline wade5 starsIt works really well with my hands and muscle spasms - the energy is beautiful knowing who has created this salve. I highly recommend it.salve
3/3/2016alvarexricardo374 starsIt helps ease the pain of arthritissalve
3/3/2016cezzium5 starsJust as I had hoped. I have seen folks give negative feed back about the alcohol so I want to mention that this is what a tincture is. If you are not keen on alcohol you can mix this with juice or a little jam or something similar to mute it. The energy of the tincture is immediately noticed when dropped on the tongue. It has an earthy and intense taste.  I have found the middle of my tongue is the best place for the drops as there are fewer taste buds and one can hold it there a little longer for the energy absorption.  As for the effects, I have found a decrease in my nervousness and anxiety and sleep is much better. Appreciate this much and as soon as the tincture is back in stock, I will order that and salve. May get some for much mil who has arthritis.CBD tincture
3/3/2016Lucina Hayes5 starsThis product works really well to ease my arthritis pain.CBD infused oil
3/3/2016michelgemz5 starsI ordered a medium size, seems small to me but it works.sage
3/3/2016michelgemz5 starsgreat product. milder scent (which I prefer) than the last batch but just as effective.sage
3/3/2016Sarah Elizabeth5 starsI am in love with this product. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is known as "the suicide disease" as the pain is so awful. I slather this all over the side of my face w/the nerve problem and it helps. I do have to reapply it every couple of hours, but it's totally worth the cost and I'm so thankful to have found this! It does smell like pot, just CBD oil or not. It's a heavenly smell to me, but if I have to go somewhere I just dab a drop of peppermint oil on my face and it covers it. I will be a return customer as long as they keep selling the product 😍 salve
3/3/2016Vanessa5 starssalve
3/3/2016Xochipilli Visions5 starssalve
3/4/2016Jenna Robbinson5 starssalve
3/5/2016BlackmailCouture5 starsThank you, sisters. This is the best CBD topical I've ever tried for keeping the pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis at a level where I can actually get some sleep. Keep up the good work!salve
3/5/2016C Meyers5 starsVery happy with this purchase. Was delivered very fast and the tincture is helping my pain.CBD tincture
3/5/2016Donna Brown5 starsYes it did. I took it over to my Mom's house and rubbed some on her knee and before I left she was walking good. I will go back tomorrow and give her another treatment and rest assured I will be ordering more. The smell is nice with lemon and lavender overtones. I love it.salve
3/5/2016lolagislansan5 starsVery pleased with this salve. The quality is excellent. Love the great care that goes into the packaging and presentation and I appreciate the nice extra included. I have tried other brands of CBD balms but this one is the best I've used. It definitely helps with my pain. I also appreciate the honesty about exactly what I am receiving along with the lab results. Love the herbal smell and the consistency is perfect. I have already repurchased the larger size and I will continue to be a repeat customer. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything you do. Very professional in every detail.salve
3/5/2016SpelledwithaW5 starsI have arthritis in my right thumb. I have had cortisone shots, have taken hydrocodone as well as nonprescription pain killers. I have also used Voteran cream and herbal arnica-gel. I have also learned to knit with my left hand because it's so difficult to use my right hand. Nothing has worked as well as this CBG salve. It smells wonderful and works like a charm. Thanks, Sister Kate.salve
3/6/2016Sylvia Zamora5 starsJust received an order of cannabis salve for my son, who has eczema. It came very promptly, and nicely packaged with a lot of information.salve
3/7/2016ammiellakeisha4 starsRecord my items recently and just used it last night, so far so good. Thank you sisters.salve
3/7/2016Jennifer Wolfe5 starsWords cannot express the relief this gives me. I have been on medication that cause awful side effects. This gives me relief from my chronic pain without having to take those awful medicines.  I was really worried about it tasting awful but it actually has a very mild taste and almost taste like nothing. There is also no taste left in your mouth. I also used the salve and I would recommend that as well. This product was recommended to me by one of my customers and I am so thankful for it.CBD-infused oil
3/8/2016agenloves07085 starssalve
3/8/2016ammiellakeisha4 starsGreat product! Highly recommended for sleeplessness.skullcap
3/8/2016Corrie Perry5 starssalve
3/8/2016dconnealy5 starsCBD-infused oil
3/8/2016karma33675 starsSmells like marijuana but works great!! Smell goes away in few minutes. Hands feel great!!salve
3/8/2016River Digs5 starssalve
3/9/2016cassandra dimarco5 starsVery fast shipping! I've only just started vaping the CBD oil but it's already helping a ton!CBD infused oil
3/9/2016paqueto5 starsI have Bursitis of the hip. Bursitis injury is a very painful, long term injury that can persist for years unless treatment is properly addressed.Conservative treatment options for bursitis typically include rest, icing of the injury, elevation and anti-inflammatory medication. I tried all the steps above but nothing really worked for a lengthy period of time until I found this CBD salve. Wonderful worked like a charm!salve
3/9/2016razzlefairy5 starssalve
3/9/2016robert ludwig5 starsI like that it works. Arthritus pain in knees and back now managed with this and Advil ... less than I had been taking.salve
3/10/2016aaron tyler5 starsA lovely tincture that works as claimed.skullcap
3/10/2016aaron tyler5 starsEverything that I'd hoped it to be and with a wonderful scent!skullcap
3/10/2016angela diaz5 starssalve
3/11/2016Jewels27305 starsI love this product, I have severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and it's clearing my skin and helping with the joint pain. It hasn't given me a miraculous remission, but my joints do feel so much better when I use it. I am looking forward to trying the cbd oil next.salve
3/13/2016Eddie Barnes5 starssalve
3/13/2016Eddie Barnes5 starsCBD tincture
3/13/2016supernaturals85 starsI bought the CBD Oil for my daughter with CP to help ease the pain she feels in her body. She seemed more relaxed after a few doses.CBD infused oil
3/15/2016anateresamarin5 starssage
3/15/2016anateresamarin5 starspalosanto
3/15/2016obscuredjinn5 starsExcellent quality; quick processing and arrival - would definitely recommend for aches and pains!salve
3/15/2016pradamary5 starsI had a small non-healing wound on my chin. I used this daily and it is gone. Now I just used it on a burn. Healing well. Want to get the oil ASAP!salve
3/15/2016river digs5 starssalve
3/15/2016staylor0665 starssalve
3/17/2016happymaven85 starssalve
3/17/2016ntengwall5 starssalve
3/18/2016rethel5 starsCBD infused oil
3/18/2016rethel5 starsI have swelling on my hip and tried the Naprosyn prescribe by my doctor but it didn't touch the pain or swelling and gave me horrible chest pains! I bought the CBD salve and noticed improvement almost immediately! A little goes a long way too! Love it and love The Sisters for making it available!salve
3/18/2016Anni Simonian5 stars
3/19/2016jmcquade3 starsSo thankful to have this! I love you all and really respect what you do but, I don't like the new formual/recipe that your using now. It's much to thin. I loved that first batch I purchased from you that had on the label the moon cycle it was harvested, was a thicker consistency and had a really wonderful taste. I know this will help with my chronic illness and I'm glad you all are still able to make the oil but, I just do not like the thin more liquid-like viscosity of the oil. Response by Sister Kate (shop owner): Thank you for your feedback. However, just to clarify for any readers, the viscosity (thickness/thinness) of the oil does not effect its potency. We used to use vegetable glycerin in our formula to bind with the CBD to make the oil. The industry figured out there are much better oils that bind to CBD better to make a more potent medicine. We made the switch to liquid coconut oil for a less sticky and more potent medicine. The liquid has been favored because it is easier to measure out and you are able to get every last drop out of the bottle. Our current oil is even stronger than the old vegetable glycerin version by more than 2x and the only reason we would change our recipe is to increase potency, just to put it out there =] Love and Light. The SistersCBD infused oil
3/20/2016swoods5 starsIt's perfect for my aches and pains. I like to use it for my surgery scars.salve
3/21/2016cadams5 starsSeems ok. Very stinky so I guess it's concentrated.salve
3/21/2016karinew5 starsThis salve is the best! Works wonders for migraines! Nothing else compares!salve
3/21/2016limegrey5 starsThis is helping my migraines! Very thankful to have found it.salve
3/22/2016laflam5 starsThank you! I love this salve! I rub it on my painful "computer neck and shoulders" and my carpal tunnel hands and wrists and it helps. Love the customer service, too! Blessings & Gratitude to you sisters!salve
3/22/2016rethel5 starssalve
3/22/2016rethel5 starsCBD infused oil
3/23/2016vendu15 starssalve
3/24/2016ivilla4 starsWorked well for my elbow pain, but smells very strong!salve
3/24/2016ivilla4 starsArrived very well packaged. I bought the tincture this time and it did not seem to work as well as the oil, but the Sisters seem to be having trouble keeping the oil in stock. This has a strong smell and bitter taste.CBD infused oil
3/24/2016rethel5 starssalve
3/24/2016sarahj5 starsTHIS WORKS! I am a healer and I use this everywhere for so many issues. I even apply it to the face before bed and rinse in the morning for moisturized, soft skin. The women really know healing.salve
3/25/2016Judy Lanier McGarrah5 stars
3/26/2016Zeljko Duende5 stars
3/27/2016scubie5 starsI really enjoy this product. It truly helps me with the chronic pain I suffer from. I'm very sad that Etsy decided to close their shop.salve
3/28/2016Zenrique Soares4 stars
3/29/2016dm5 starsNice stuff Really helps with my siatica pain!salve
3/29/2016Jael Montero5 stars
3/29/2016Johnny N Danielle Castro5 stars
3/29/2016Mark Shaw5 stars
3/29/2016Shellie M. Spitzley5 starsAmazing product, keep healing the world one product, cultivation and prayer at a time.
3/29/2016Tomas Enrique Coria4 stars
3/29/2016Wyatt Van Horn5 starsIt is great to be able to show this to my very conservative christian mother. I have struggled with epilepsy since I was 13 and my mother still does not support CBD's but this does help her know that "some people don't lace their products with other drugs, like people on the street" so thank you for at least opening her eyes to the idea that Godlike people handle this miraculous plant.CBD products
3/29/2016Swetepi334@aol.com5 starsI wholeheartedly recommend this Cannabis Salve for chronic back pain. It gives me rapid relief after many years of suffering.salve
3/30/2016Ayo Oyebade5 stars
3/30/2016Jackie Desiree Adams5 stars
3/30/2016Ricardo De la Rosa5 stars
3/31/2016Kara Brooke Attebury5 starsThese women of our savior are helping people avoid opiate addiction by offering a natural fix for pain. A doctor changed my whole life when he decided to prescribe opiates for my pain without telling me I might never feel normal without them again. Sisters of our Lord, I am with you in spirit. My heart is full of love for those who fight such controversial stigmas to help people not suffer with pain, or the chance of life altering addiction and dependence upon opiates. Bless you.CBD products
3/31/2016Thanduyise Amani5 stars
4/1/2016Happy Jamalia5 stars
4/2/2016kwheals5 starsCBD infused oil
4/4/2016Seni Peni5 starsI want to "THANK YOU" on what a wonderful product you offer and how this has helped to significantly improve my quality of life, the CBD oil and CBD slave helped with my pain. I'm sending you all my blessings THANK YOU SISTERSCBD infused oil
4/5/2016Carol Johnson5 stars
4/5/2016Jason Olszanicky5 stars
4/5/2016Karen Baker5 stars
4/8/2016Anahita Wendy Bird5 starsGo girls!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Loving your CBD. Took it twice so far and felt wonderful. Body pain manageable and able to do errands with ease. Thank you. High quality t-shirt as well. Looking forward to wearing it! :)CBD products
4/8/2016Kevin Wesley Genz5 stars
4/9/2016Max Iju James5 stars
4/11/2016Kaye Porter5 stars
4/13/2016Karen Solis5 starsI got the salve today. Used it right away on my joints that needed help. I could feel and see the difference. I would mostly likely would buy the product again.salve
4/14/2016Gienek Szamiel5 stars
4/20/2016Alice Murphy-Box5 stars
4/21/2016sgtbass64@yahoo.com5 starsThis stuff is awesome. I bought this for my elderly parents who are in their 80’s. My mom has all the usual aches and pains that comes with age. Along with arthritis. Of all the different salves and creams out there ( and I have tried them all ) This was the only one that she said worked. She was so happy. ?? To be pain free, if only for a little while. Please get this. You won’t regret it.salve
4/24/2016Liz Lucas Taylor5 stars
4/25/2016terryswick50@gmail.com5 starsI have to admit it…..this stuff is AWESOME! I never would have thought just the CBD Infused Oil would make a difference. Well, it does. This batch was the best I’ve come across! Wow, 800 mg of CBD in this bottle!CBD infused oil
4/29/2016Elena Selivan5 starsAmazing quality, effective, great service. Salve is a go to remedy in our household. Will buy again! Thank you!salve
4/30/2016Jenna Harman5 stars
4/30/2016Kitty Yonker Derian5 starsHaven't tried your CBD yet but I will as soon as the money comes in a bit better, thank you so much for what you are doing
5/2/2016Robert Strong5 starsI cannot say enough good things about your salves and tincture. I bought some to help my elderly parents. Both of whom are in their 80's. I just wanted something to ease the aches and pain of old age. And give them a better quality of life. So I bought this. And wow oh wow does it work. My mom suffers from severe arthritis in her neck and back. And wrists. All the other crap never touched her pain. I gave her this and applied some to her neck and back. Then went home for the... moresalve
5/5/2016Thato Terence Mutle5 stars
5/6/2016James Carvalho5 stars
5/9/2016Jose Trancozo5 stars
5/13/2016Patrick Goantanamo5 stars
5/16/2016Severine Aguilar4 stars
5/18/2016Nicht-Florian Auchnicht-Reisinger5 stars
5/20/2016Celia Poehls5 starsI cannot thank you enough. I have found relief and calm. The balm especially so. Love the soothing after a long day of computer work. You are truly awesome and kind!salve
5/20/2016Elena5 starsI got my salve a month ago. I actually ordered the salve for my 17-year-old daughter, who all of a sudden developed a non-stop 6-week long migraine. While it did ease her headaches, going on a hunch I decided I would try it myself. I have 3 autoimmune conditions, maybe more ?? (I no longer care to ask the doctors) and I was able to manage them for 6 years without steroids and prescription drugs. Just by changing my diet, my lifestyle and minding my mind, spirituality. The effect of my first visit to a holistic doctor was so profound, that I actually went to school and got certified as an integrative nutrition coach. So I am all about holistic natural approach. To make the long story short, one of the side effects is a flare-up of my conditions, a form of alopecia. I was able to slow it down and it did not seem to progress for a while. Few months ago I started to develop a small bump on my scalp, it is a dead skin that does not shed for some reason and no amount of essential oils was helping. It is a scar tissue building up and it at some point suffocates the skin under and the whole thing falls off along with the hair. Leaving me with a patch of skin without hair follicles to grow hair. Just a couple of months ago I noticed that around the little spot I had (size of a small bean), there were few more, in total covering area of about a silver dollar. There was nothing I could do, so I just kept trying different oils and hoping for the best, knowing that this is the area where I may loose my hair permanently. So ones the salve has arrived, I felt compelled to try it on that spot. I rubbed it in and left overnight. Shockingly the next morning the bumps were softer and looser, as I started to reapply the salve, they have loosened up even more and some came out without hair it in them, just the dead skin!!! I think hair follicles have survived because usually those dry patches would come out with hair in them. Now a month later, after applying the salve few times a week, the skin there is totally clean and healthy. I am so grateful for this amazing product. It is my go-to remedy for the whole family now. It has been a month since I got it. I use it as my facial moisturiser now, I burnt my arm pretty bad on a grill and has been applying the salve on the burn as soon as the bubble came off and it dried up, it is healing beautifully. God Bless you and the work you do. Full of gratitude!salve
5/24/2016Joe Ortega5 starsNeed their menu to shopand buy medical marijuana to be stress free
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6/7/2016Betty Sanchez5 starsQue si puede curar estoy de acuerdo con las monjas lleva a un estado espiritual muy grande aparte de uso medicinal
6/7/2016Bislimi Valbona5 stars
6/7/2016David Zamarron3 stars
6/7/2016Luis Cabrera5 stars
6/7/2016Nora Mendez5 stars
6/8/2016Abel Jaque Jaque5 stars
6/8/2016Ana Gallardo5 stars
6/8/2016Cristina Cabarcos Fernandez5 stars
6/8/2016Javier Sebastian5 stars
6/8/2016Kenny Lopez5 stars
6/8/2016Luz Castillo4 starsMy prepare a good alternative to cure headaches very painful arthritis in and theres no cure
6/8/2016Paulo Jara Moscoso5 stars
6/9/2016Lucia Benavente5 stars
6/9/2016Luis Enrique Garzon Vela4 starLuego de estar suministrándole medicamentos químicos a mi hijo desde que él tiene 2 años (hoy 11). Estaría dispuesto mirar esta alternativa para controlar sus convulsiones.CBD products
6/9/2016Maria Belen5 stars
6/9/2016Sarolta Barandi5 stars
6/9/2016Vanessa Jaramillo5 stars
6/10/2016Ana Marthis5 stars
6/10/2016Francisco Jose Rodriguez3 stars
6/10/2016Mishu Calian5 stars
6/10/2016peacelovehippiebeads@gmail.com5 starsThank you for what you do! I love your message, your purpose. It inspires me! Healing the world <3 I am going to be purchasing the oil for my mother who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.CBD infused oil
6/11/2016Brenda Pinheiro5 starsMe gustó muchíssimo!! Como hago para hacer parte de ustedes?CBD products
6/11/2016Debby Long5 starsI think you ladies are amazing!!! Ive suffered with Psoriasis, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, asthma and now arthritis...no medication helps me at all but smoking takes all the pain away and all the depression and sadness from hurting and helps me sleep at night... normally i have to take Trazadone 300 mg just to get to sleep but just a few hits and im able to fall asleep quickly because again all my pain is gone...im going to see what all you make and possibly make a purchase...anything to help you all out and ill make sure to spread the word around about you all... Thank You all the way from Nebraska!CBD products
6/12/2016Ilona Horree5 stars
6/12/2016Jess Epper5 starsI get strong, painful tension headaches all the time. Around my eyes and my neck feels as stiff as a stone. The CBD salve paired with tiger balm keeps me from taking pills. It feels like my muscles are melting on my skull it's amazing. I also noticed a reduction of inflammation around my neck. Amazing.salve
6/13/2016Lila Silvia Vidal Erreguerena1 star
6/13/2016Fermion Daimiel Kern5 stars
6/13/2016Luii Francais5 stars
6/13/2016Rosamaria Faucette5 stars
6/14/2016Rey Bouchard5 starsThis is so awesome! My wife suffers from Fibromialga and chronic pain. She would so benefit from this? Because a person doesn't get high means a more enjoyable pain killer without getting a buzz... LoLCBD products
6/15/2016Lila Ravi Taj Kaur5 stars
6/16/2016Christine Bricardricci5 stars
6/17/2016Amber Arsenault1 star
6/18/2016Nicolas Szymankiewicz5 stars
6/18/2016Felix E. Hernandez5 starsI suffer from tendinitis on both elbows. I was very skeptic but I got to thank the labor of these women. Your product relief my pain in three days, is almost completely gone. CBD Salve is an excellent product. GOD BLESS YOU SISTERS. YOU GOT A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. I BOUGHT THE SMALLEST ONE AND REGRET IT. I WANT THE BIGGEST JAR! Anyone can ask me to my inbox. THANK YOU SO MUCH!salve
6/19/2016Yune Quintero5 stars
6/21/2016Karl Shulz5 stars
6/21/2016duffman1282@yahoo.com5 starsThis is a green medicine it really workCBD infused oil
6/22/2016Allison Joyal5 stars
6/24/2016Rocia Acero5 stars
6/30/2016Biljana Hoos5 stars
6/30/2016Loretta Gordon-Markley5 stars
6/30/2016Tee Rexa5 starsLet me start by saying that at 28 years old I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc and joint disease, arthritis, bursitis, crepitous in my joints, etc, etc, etc. I fully believe in the power of cannabis as a medical tool, but I've been in so much chronic pain for so long that you sort of give up hope that anything will help. My best friend just purchased two of the salves for me and within 20 minutes of putting it on, I was having no sciatica pain when it was EXCRUCIATING bef...salve
7/12/2016Lynne M Berry5 stars
7/12/2016Martha Gilson5 stars
7/13/2016Brisa Blanca5 starsMe parese maravilloso trabajo en equipo para beneficio de todos los enfermos q consideren estos productos extrahordinarios como la fuente de cura a toda enfermedad fisica...Muero por conoser a mis brillantes sisters en persona ..Dueñas de tan impactante y facinante idea...CBD products
7/14/2016Abraham Primera Monter5 stars
7/15/2016Guy Robert5 stars
7/22/2016Joaquin Dominguez5 stars
7/24/2016carasday@yahoo.com5 starsSooo many good things I want to say ! I honestly was at the end of my rope emotionally dealing with a “unknown” severe knee buckling ear pain that left me unable to preform my job that I loved as a nurse, in a jail. The pain progressed rendering me in bed 4-5 days/wk. Barely able to preform basic tasks of daily living such as showering, preparing meals, or even being able to minimally participate in any semblance of “normal” life. Most days if I managed to start a load of laundry, I was doing good. Everyday the pain would bring me to tears, I was losing my grips on life. Each day gone by, every single Dr. appointment brought more despair, as no one could give me any answers. The pain would cause my BP and heart rate to spike to dangerously high levels. I trembled and sobbed as I begged for someone to help me. I am a licensed practical nurse since 1995 & never in all my being could I wrap my head around being passed to this specialist to that specialist 22 in all, yes that many not to count surgery to remove 2 chronically enlarged lymph nodes from my neck that they told me was surely Virchow’s Node which if chronically enlarged 90% time means metastatic cancer, my tonsil remnent biopsied, 2 other biopsies & too numerous to count CT scans, MRI’s, needle pokes…over $25K worth of debt from this past 1.5+ yr of awakening. I was looked at as a pill seeker, a fabricator, an attention seeker, it had to be all in my head they’d suggest- and pills & more pills is what they gave me saying I had “migraines” the “migraine” medicines all just made me sicker & of course that just fueled their eye rolling…one medication lowered my heart rate to below 40 leaving me hospitalized x3days. That was 1 of only 2 other times my husband ever took me to the emergency room despite several times that I as a nurse knew I should’ve gone in. Little did they know I was an emergency room nurse (yes, even as a LPN) for several years in my career. But, I refused to ever go again after actually being mocked & laughed at by a ER physician. My husband, my Saint even as scarey as sometimes would get, agreed it was dehumanizing to. Bless him as he would hold me, rock me, rub my head, wipe my tears, cry with me, & never lose faith in me as he would help me nurse myself. I regret not trying this MONTHS ago! We had discussed it, read about it. My husband is from Peru & much more open to naturals vrs. pharmaceuticals. I on other hand had 20+yrs of INGRAINED thinking only medications could help even though I was not closed minded about medical cannabis. What scared me was my career, any chance for pain intervention if it didn’t work…something kept nagging me inside saying DO THIS, JUST TRY…so after being changed from Percocet tablets (which did cut edge off but no full relief), to a pain patch a big time Neuroligist suggested also without relief, being constipated to point of impaction for duration of about a month, & realizing this “pain patch” is same type/similar kind given to Heroin addicts to use much like Methadone, I decided enough was enough! I was not going to live that way, be stigmatized & punished because my ear hurt. Hurt so bad my face would swell, numb, pressure to point I thought my ear & side of head were going to literally explode in a bloody mess & that I would die an instant death. I am not over exaggerating, it truly hurt that bad. What they couldn’t, much rather WOULD’T understand is that I did NOT WANT their pills. Did not want their “patches”. I wanted to know WHY or what was causing the pain so it could get fixed, and it was clear after 1.5yrs of this modern medicine was not helping. The only thing I was helping was to line pockets of each one after the next I was sent to. I tried to be a good patient, I did all they advised precisely how they advised I do it but here we were not one step ahead & in much worse shape physically, emotionally, & spiritually. As worse off as I have EVER been as a matter of fact. I was defeated. Yes, in the darkness of my despair & in the writhes of that pain I did, consider ending it all – more than just once…2wks ago I received a little brown box from California & in that little box these kind, compassionate, empathetic, ever so healing Sisters of the Valley restored my hope, renewed my faith. All in that little brown box. Some might say it’s too soon to say but I WILL shout to the heavens that it has CHANGED my life! 2 WEEKS!! No funny feeling, just relief, ALL DAY relief! Have not been awakened in night with stabbing pain, no night sweats, the daily low grade fevers have seemingly ceased, I CAN hold my head up again! I’ve laughed! I’ve pooped everyday without issue! I have a long ways to go to physically regain what I’ve lost but one day at a time! I am still playing with dosage but finding the tincture highly effective! The MOST effective of ANY of the zillion Rx migraine, anti seizure meds for neuralgia or plethora of muscle relaxants I’ve been given. My arms & legs are scarred from the one med causing me to break out in horrible blistered rash…it’s been sincerely surreal. I don’t know if I even want to go back to nursing or if I can having been on the other side, but I do know I see things through new eyes! I could go on forever & still not be able to express my gratitude! This stuff WORKS! Works PRECISELY as described & more! My husband is one who said it first, he believes as do I it isn’t only just helping with the pain BUT taking the course to aide other ailments or secondary issues. So thankful, so grateful, SO HOPEFUL!!tincture
7/24/2016Alice Lopez5 starThe CBD salve is amazing. I've significantly reduced the number of pain pills I take. I've recommended it several friends who are also finding relief.salve
7/28/2016Rosa Aguilar Alba5 stars
7/30/2016Mortimer Stern5 starsThe best way to be an activist is through peace, love, and intelligence. These fine lady,\'s have it! May they continue to heal.
7/31/2016Tonya Webb5 stars
8/4/2016Yoan Xristov5 starsBeautiful work, help the pharmacy.... so god bless them...!!!CBD products
8/6/2016Lauren Marie5 starsIn the last year or so, I've been experiencing swelling in my ankles and mild feet and lower leg pain, my friend introduced me to your salve and it truly works wonders. I've been using it nightly and it has significantly reduced the swelling and eased the pain. I love it. Thank you.salve
8/7/2016Gudia Annodal5 starsTried to order the 80ml infused oil today but it says out of stock ...do know when that size is available...blessed be to you sistersCBD products
8/8/2016Tony Ng4 stars
8/10/2016Mary Hepfner5 starsI can not express how happy and thankful I am for you ladies! I have been suffering from undiagnosed severe bone and joint pain for years, I've been tested for everything under the sun for by several doctors and no one has been able to offer any relief. A coworker introduced me to CBD oil and I tried it from a couple different companies but nothing worked 🙁 Then About a week ago while doing some research on this stuff at 3am I came across these wonderful ladies and decided to give it a try, I received my order in record time and immediately tried the oil and like literally within 5 min I started to get relief! I ordered the oil, salve and a small bottle of the tincture, so far the oil and salve are amazing, I'm unsure about the tincture yet because one drop felt like it was burning my tongue but apparently this is normal (?) and I'm not about to give up. I'm trying to educate myself on dosage and what methods work best for people so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you ladies for the amazing work you do!CBD products
8/12/2016Kuba Walczak5 stars
8/13/2016Meg Quinzy5 starsThanks Sisters of the Valley, I believe your products cures. More power & take care...May good GOD bless us all, so I shared... <3 <3 <3CBD products
8/15/2016Antonia Gerrist3 stars
8/16/2016Lore Villavicencio5 stars
8/17/2016Jose Luis Monne5 starsMe parece algo maravilloso que estas monjas por medio del cultivo del cannabis ayuden a personas que lo están pasando mal a que su existencia sea mejor. Gracias monjitasCBD products
8/17/2016Kimberly Kelting5 starsStarted using your products about 2 weeks ago for painful bone spurs in my feet and started feeling relief after a week.salve
8/19/2016Wira Negara4 stars
8/25/2016Daniel Gabriel Herrera5 stars
8/25/2016Lidia Marquez5 stars
8/25/2016Peggy Walters5 stars
8/26/2016Brittany Wood5 stars
8/30/2016Hitch Hikey5 stars
8/31/2016Justine Dilaura-Bartl5 stars
9/1/2016Verito Paz5 stars
9/3/2016Martha Miravete Cicero5 stars
9/3/2016Shirley Green5 stars
9/4/2016Valerie Frederick Williams5 stars
9/4/2016Lullabybaxter@hotmail.com5 starsThis salve calms my restless feet at night so I can sleep. It has helped another friend to relieve some of her arthritis pain in her knees, giving her longer to walk without pain in a day. It healed a burn from a pot handle on my son’s hand in a couple of days. Anytime I have a sore muscle and I put on the salve it stops hurting within minutes.salve
9/5/2016Daniela Zubiate5 stars
9/6/2016Blaquebutterflykai@gmail.com5 starsI am a believer! This salve has helped with my back and foot pain, tremendously.salve
9/10/2016Aletia Gonzalez Muzquiz5 stars
9/11/2016Antine Ombang5 stars
9/12/2016Fernanda Mtz Q5 stars
9/13/2016Allison Ward5 stars
9/13/2016Mayra Montes5 stars
9/13/2016crileyhome@yahoo.com5 starsI did not get much benefit of the small amount of High CBD and not worth the money. I may try the Salve to see if I get some different results.pure plant oil
9/14/2016Monica Castro5 stars
9/14/2016Priscilla Szurley5 starslove their products so much! The CBD oil has helped with my anxiety, the CBD salve has worked miracles for all our booboos, and the Palo Santo holy wood rids my house of negative energies while the smell is so calming and relaxing. I also love how there are always little surprises when I open up my packagesCBD infused oil
9/14/2016Samuel Rangel5 stars
9/15/2016Sandra Dee5 stars
9/16/2016Deborah Renee McCaskill5 stars
9/16/2016Martin Hernandez III5 stars
9/16/2016Valerie Torres5 stars
9/17/2016Sean Hellems5 stars
9/18/2016Alexandra Carro Pergola5 stars
9/18/2016Njeri Cruse5 stars
9/19/2016Darren O'connor5 stars
9/21/2016Helder Reis5 stars
9/23/2016Igor Diniz5 stars
9/23/2016Sofia Lopes5 stars
9/24/2016Choko Elolo5 stars
9/25/2016Debi Grossman5 stars
9/28/2016Cuca Ros5 stars
9/30/2016Alexxandro Trejo5 stars
9/30/2016Shazad Hussain5 stars
9/30/2016Susanne Zoller5 stars
10/3/2016Fernando Casas5 stars
10/7/2016Alfred Andrei Voiculescu5 stars
10/9/2016Fernando Ochoa Casas5 stars
10/9/2016Teresanavarro94619@yahoo.com5 starsDearest Sisters, I was so happy when I came across your information at the Oakland Museum cannibus exhibit. It made me smile to know that you too believe that the plant has its own energy and that our positive intention and love infuses the plant to produce a very powerful medicine. I practice indigenous healing from Mexico. I am considered a yerbera because I solicited the help of plants to do the healing. I offer my services not as a business but as a service. In our traditional way there is no cost attached to the service, so I use medicinal cannibus oil or salves that I make on patients with no specific cost. People show their gratitude with a donation according to their own ability. I treat the farmworkers and other poor folks who seek out our traditional ways. I am often asked if I would sell a jar of my medicine, but do not know how to do that legally in Morgan hill CA. I dream of moving to a place where I can grow cannabus without the stigma or the law on my back . Do you ever host information sessions? I would love to learn how to be more active in the cannabis movement as well as get this sacred medicine to the people who need it most. I eagerly await your response. Thank you very much and sending you powerful energy so that creator continue doing the work through you. .general
10/11/2016Cheryl Dubois5 starsLove their products and my family uses them daily for pain management.CBD products
10/13/2016Drew Alia5 starsI bought the CBD Infused oil because I read a lot about its health benefits. Well one morning I woke up with a stiff neck, took the oil and my neck felt 100x better. It also works wonders on curing hangovers! Totally recommend this product.CBD infused oil
10/15/2016Andreas Knauer5 stars
10/15/2016Robert Hart4 stars
10/15/2016Ross Will5 stars
10/16/2016Carlos Alberto Daza Martinez5 stars
10/16/2016Maria Oritz4 starsHola kiero saber si amihijo le puedo dar esas gotas esta tomando tratamiento para epilépticos gracias agradecia simcontactaran tienene desde 3años y ya tiene 18
10/19/2016avaloss79@yahoo.com5 starsA plant should not be called illegal specially if it does good to people who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy. I applaude your efforts and service to people who need the medicine. May the Most High keep bleessing your work.general
10/25/2016Adri Bachmann5 stars
10/25/2016Justin Smith5 stars
10/26/2016Breanna Riggs Smith5 stars
10/27/2016Kathy McFeeters Strong5 starYou ladies are true pioneers!! I am so impressed with what you are doing and the good that comes from this plant. My daughter-in-law has RA and the only thing that has helped her is CBD.CBD products
10/27/2016budfaery@gmail.com5 starsI just love you gals, everything you write is so right on. I’m happy to hear all is well and growing. I’m sure there are growing pains but this plant is on a mission, man will not be in the way for long. Know that every second you put into your mission is saving a life. And with this election becoming a matter of life and death our green friend must spread from sea to shining sea. I imagine a wave of green light covering the nation and eliminating hate from sea to shining sea as well.Breaking Custom
10/27/2016sjsf@msn.com5 starsThis salve is amazing. I am on my second large tub of it now and am going to place my third order here soon. I have had neck surgery due to inflamed discs caused by an ac I have given it to people for use for anything from arthritis – burns – carpal tunnel – pain – poison ivy – any swelling. It works for so many things. A+ in my book. I can’t even count the number of happy people that have given me hugs after letting them use some of this product.cident. This salve really helps with the inflammation of the discs, as well as any nerve pain I may have from previous inflammation. Also, my fingers will occasionally get inflamed due to the fact that I wirewrap. This salve cuts the inflammation and pain down to the point where I wouldn’t have known I spent hours wrapping wire. Here is something that just happened recently. I was vending at a music festival. One of our neighbors lent us his kettle for coffee. However, he ended up burning his hand on the kettle. I put some salve on and we walked over to the medic tent. As the nurse was about to put on some amazing “mystery” ointment; he saw we had already put something on the wound. I explained what it was. At this point the nurse put away his oil (it was lavender oil; something very good for burns). He then said he had more than he needed on the finger. The guy never got a blister. Everyone should have some of this stuff for their first aid kit (even if they don’t have chronic pain/inflammation.)salve
10/28/2016Maureen Yarkin5 stars
10/29/2016huntingchik@msn.com5 starsWhile I have not used this product much for myself as I have other cannabis infusions, I have been using this on our old dog. He is believed to have a brain tumor and has bouts of confusion, dizziness and head and body pain. I have been giving him 2 drops morning and night on a small piece of bread, and the results have been amazing. His appetite has returned, he is not dizzy as much and seems much happier. I will purchase this again for him to help him comfortably live out the remainder of his time with us.CBD infused oil
10/30/2016George Alemthott5 stars
10/31/2016Robert Stojanovic3 stars
11/1/2016Yasir Whitfield5 starsI am a resident if the valley as well. And was gifted some of your cream. It does wonders for dry skin and any aches and pains. Would love to have a jar of my own. Is there a way to pick some up? I live in maderasalve
11/2/2016Laura Ortega5 stars
11/6/2016Tehmania Latif5 stars
11/9/2016lkbayley@gmail.com5 starsi used it on quite a serious burn on my daughters hand and the next day you couldn’t even see where she had burnt herself. Great for joint pain too!salve
11/9/2016sjsf@msn.com5 starsThis salve is amazing. I am on my second large tub of it now and am going to place my third order here soon. I have had neck surgery due to inflamed discs caused by an accident. T his salve really helps with the inflammation of the discs, as well as any nerve pain I may have from previous inflammation. Also, my fingers will occasionally get inflamed due to the fact that I wirewrap. This salve cuts the inflammation and pain down to the point where I wouldn’t have known I spent hours wrapping wire. I have given it to people for use for anything from arthritis – burns – carpal tunnel – pain – poison ivy – any swelling. It works for so many things. A+ in my book. I can’t even count the number of happy people that have given me hugs after letting them use some of this product. Here is something that just happened recently. I was vending at a music festival. One of our neighbors lent us his kettle for coffee. However, he ended up burning his hand on the kettle. I put some salve on and we walked over to the medic tent. As the nurse was about to put on some amazing “mystery” ointment; he saw we had already put something on the wound. I explained what it was. At this point the nurse put away his oil (it was lavender oil; something very good for burns). He then said he had more than he needed on the finger. The guy never got a blister. Everyone should have some of this stuff for their first aid kit (even if they don’t have chronic pain/inflammation.)salve
11/10/2016Gentio Delnfiel5 stars
11/11/2016Julieth Tobon5 stars
11/11/2016Paz Flores Flores5 stars
11/13/2016Ashely Ratcliff5 stars
11/13/2016gendrinhernandez4545@yahoo.com5 starsI have Radiation Fibrosis from Breast Cancer Radiation. It is very painful. I just had surgery on both breasts so I was in a lot of pain. I received the wonderful tin of Salve with a Tincture order, Bless you Sisters, I put the Salve on my Breasts and it was like a miracle, the pain calmed down right away! I’m no fool I ordered a large bottle of Salve, I apply it 3 times a day and my breasts stay pain-free! I carry that little tin with me, just in case I’ve lifted too much or someone has bumped either side, I simply go to the restroom and apply Salve!! I also use it on my knee replacement when it aches…it works immediately! I highly recommend this Salve!!salve
11/15/2016Debbie Kuhlmann Crysler5 stars
11/15/2016lucus@hotmail.com5 starsThis f***** sh** does work. You should try it.salve
11/16/2016Leo Alves5 stars
11/16/2016Selestine Mathew5 stars
11/17/2016Oshun Ede Crawford5 stars
11/17/2016Sylvia Lippert5 starsHello, I just have to take the time to write about my experience with the Sisters of the Valley and their products. I went to 3 different neuro surgeons about my back. I was told by all 3 that I needed surgery, which would consist of me having a metal plate and two metal rods in my lower back. I suffer from degenerative disk disease, I was very sports oriented from adolescence, thru high school. As an adult, I had always done manual labor. I love the satisfaction of working with my hands and doing what I do best. I was fine until I hit my 40's, that is when all the trouble started {back and neck}. I was very afraid of the surgery option, although I was given an 80-20 % of it helping, or I could be worse off than I am.I didn't know about the Sisters at that time. I am very sensitive to pain medication, so I choose to take Ibuprofen, and Acetaminophen. A lot of both. And worrying about the effect of these two on my kidneys and liver. I would also end up in the hospital emergency room at lest 2 to 4 times a year, needing a shot for the pain. Also, I have side effects to steroids. So if you have had pain like I am describing, the doctors always want to give you some sort of steroid, along with pain medication. Anyway I found these wonderful women who not only make amazing healing products, such as the salve, and also I have a lot of anxiety, So I use the tincture. I like the infused oil tincture better than the regular cbd tincture. It is mellower. And it does help ease the anxiety I have. The salve, I cannot say enough about. I use moist heat on my back and neck, and then I have someone rub my neck and back down with the salve. It may take a week or so for you to notice the difference, but once you do, you will not live without the salve. I love the smell of the salve. I put some under my nose also. lol, I really do. I am committed to the sisters. I have been helped by natural, holistic, medicine. Not pharmaceutical. There is no love and prayer put in Pharmaceutical. I am a forever customer, and sister. SylviaCBD products
11/20/2016TracyM09@me.com5 starsThis is a Miracle product for me! I found the Sisters on Facebook, however, I was afraid to order! I have suffered with Migraines since I was 8 years-old, they became chronic in 2000, and they were severe. I went through all the medical meds, needles, and other natural solutions, nothing worked! I had to medically retire due to the Migraines!! I finally ordered CBD Tincture this October, I had 7 days with no Migraine pain, and it has continued. I am so much happier without the daily pain, and I will continue to use the Tincture in hopes of it eventually working on the other effects of the Migraines. I use my Tincture 3 times a day…when I miss a dose, the pain pops up until I take my Tincture so I really work on being consistent!tincture
11/20/2016TracyM09@me.com5 starsI have Radiation Fibrosis from Breast Cancer Radiation. It is very painful. I just had surgery on both breasts so I was in a lot of pain. I received the wonderful tin of Salve with a Tincture order, Bless you Sisters, I put the Salve on my Breasts and it was like a miracle, the pain calmed down right away! I’m no fool I ordered a large bottle of Salve, I apply it 3 times a day and my breasts stay pain-free! I carry that little tin with me, just in case I’ve lifted too much or someone has bumped either side, I simply go to the restroom and apply Salve!! I also use it on my knee replacement when it aches…it works immediately!salve
11/21/2016Guillaume-Auguste Dln5 stars
11/24/2016Alex Ruiz Nierras5 stars
11/26/2016elliotsilvester@hotmail.com5 starsI love the strong, earthy, green taste of this tincture… It provides me with calm, still and mindfulness, when all around is chaos. It helps me to sleep, breath deeply and inspire. Awesome! Thank you Sisters and Brothers of the Valley..tincture
11/27/2016Steve Vandermade5 stars
11/28/2016Jacky Chapa A4 stars
12/1/2016Fran Perez4 stars
12/1/2016Rosemary Roe Maseri Peacedancer5 stars
12/1/2016Corey Miller5 starsCan't wait to visit these sisters. Truly doing good works. Benidicarea Patri fili spiritu santo. Amen
12/1/2016Marcos Estevao5 starsIncrivel luta estao todas de parabens por essa grande batalha que enfrentam diariamente com a busca e com a concientização, valores que tem muita importancia na vida de muitos hoje em dia
12/2/2016Eniko Szanyi5 stars
12/2/2016Sarita Zironi5 stars
12/8/2016elkeiling@gmail.com5 starsAMEN! and your products are blessed! #BreastCancerWarrior loves her CBD Salve right now (just 2.5 weeks post-surgery and my ONLY pain relief!) LOVE YOU SISTERS!
12/10/2016Wei Wei5 stars
12/11/2016Marietta Pina5 stars
12/11/2016Roberto Gonzalez5 stars
12/11/2016Yosajandy Junakey Merijan5 stars
12/14/2016Rebecca Law5 stars
12/15/2016Cara Ramey Vazquez5 starsThe CDB oil was a life saver for me & my nerve pain. After using it a few weeks to a couple months, I realized my shoulder/neck/back wasn't killing me at the end of each day or giving me issues during the day. Definitely kept me more calm & I did not stress about the small stuff. #loveit Many thanks to you all for creating such a wonderful product!!CBD infused oil
12/15/2016Lauren Bisplinghoff5 stars
12/16/2016Rj Bass5 starsYour Lady cream is the most amazing thing ever my girlfriend has MS it takes away the pain it's amazing that what you ladies are doing just want you know I'm already order some more thank you so much for doing what you dosalve
12/17/2016Matthew J. Wilkinson5 starsThe CBD salve is brilliant. Used it daily for a week and the psoriasis disappeared! Great for headaches, joint aches and pains. Would highly recommend.salve
12/18/2016Maria Yanelli Deza5 stars
12/21/2016Moses M5 stars
12/22/2016TracyM09@me.com5 starsI have been using salve for over a year on my joints for Rheumatoid Arthritis and it works well. I recently have been diagnosed with Athtopic vagina due to decrease of estrogen with menopause. For external dryness and pain around vulva I apply a little salve 3 times a day. For internal relief I make coconut oil suppositories with a few drops of CBD tincture mixed in. I freeze them and insert one every night. It’s much better than using estrogen creams.salve
12/23/2016ChefJosh Jordan5 stars
12/23/2016Erin Einstein5 stars
12/23/2016Richard Johnny Garcia5 stars
12/24/2016Darren S Mccann5 stars
12/24/2016Jack Daniel5 stars
12/24/2016Sina Blanco5 stars
12/25/2016Candess Lemanski Urbalejo5 stars
12/28/2016Christy King5 stars
1/2/2017Sue Fairchild5 starsI broke 3 bones in my foot,and used CBD Salve as pain relief and moisturiser, really helped I was amazed. Even more so when I used on the back of my hands, I kept scrapping my knuckles due to my bad steering through doors in wheelchair.it not only heeled them it took away the age spots (skin damage from sun). My brother has just been diagnosed with Parkinson's I am going to order some oil for him, I know it will help,god blesssalve
1/2/2017Kmmmjo717@reagan.com5 starsI ordered this to try and see if it would help with my knee pain. I love this product, it has helped a lot! I even gave some to my mother who used it for back pain. I am ordering again because I have given half of mine to others to try. The results have been great. Thank You.salve
1/7/2017TracyM09@me.com5 starsHello! If you’ve found yourself here, you must know someone that really cares for you…either they gave you a Tin or shared a Miracle in their use of these products! I tell everyone I know about the Drops, Tincture and Salve! I’m down to my last Tin so I’ve got to restock! I’m still enjoying the pain relief, however, I believe my use of the Tincture, Drops and Salve have worked to decrease the size of a fibroid in my R Breast (Cancer). Thank you again Sisters! You are truly Blessed!!CBD infused oil
1/10/2017Anna Picnic h5 starsI ordered the salve. I used it on my back after shoveling snow and getting lower back pain. Also, took me a while to stand straight. I feel so much better! Thank you!salve
1/10/2017Sam Kelley5 starsMy order just arrived today and I just tried the topical salve on my sore back .. pain gone within minutes! Looking forward to trying my other products too and thanks so much for the speedy delivery to Australia. Cannot recommend enough and will be ordering for myself again and friends soon ��salve
1/17/2017Desiree Butler Dellaperuta5 starsMy mother bought some of the salve to help with a headache. She loved it, I have endometriosis and have been suffering from the pain from that as well as a neck problem for a long time. I tried it, and instantly my pain started going away. I could feel it going away! I loved this product and am now purchasing some of my own!salve
1/19/2017Adil Jajjah5 starsHi there i never borth anything yet from sisters of the valley weed but i would love to buy what they making because is good for us not like alcohol and cigarettes that killes people and is sold over the counter .
1/21/2017Crystal B. Jackson5 starsThis is awesome! Healing is what they're here for, and this is the focus of the organization! May their hands forever be blessed!
1/24/2017Skarobotarmyab@aol.com5 starsThis product has beautiful effects. I am discovering the right dosage with positive reactions occurring in my mind and body. I have arthritis in various places and ulcerative colitis and this helps calm everything in it’s soothing, gentle way. Pretty magical I’d say and I’ll keep taking it for the rest of my life if I can! ??CBD infused oil
1/24/2017Skarobotarmyab@aol.com5 starsI have had positive effects from this product and when recommending it to my friends with arthritis or skin conditions they too reap it’s soothing, healing benefits. Thank you ??salve
1/30/2017devons.email1130@gmail.com5 starsSince this is alcohol based, it obviously burns when dropped onto the tongue; fairly badly might I add. However, I’m unsure as to whether or not this is the proper way to ingest it and how many drops I need in one setting due to the lack of instructions on the bottle or in the box that it comes in. Other than that, I have yet to notice any sort of effects from it. This may be due to the fact that I am not using enough in setting..? With the constant pain from my fibromyalgia and reciprocating headaches; I was sold on the fact that this would “do the trick” or at least come close. Still looking forward to the healing process, however. Thank you so much for all you do.tincture
2/3/2017Lulu Mercado5 starsOmg I don't know anything about this group of women... I'm a cannabis smoker and suffer from ADHD combined type. Shit man made drugs fuck with me but this green healing smoking med is awesome .
2/5/2017Mandy Sperber5 stars
2/7/2017Rhonda Rawley5 starsWow this is very high quality oil. Completely relaxed me. The sauve makes my beat up hair stylist hands feel wonderfully soothed and healed, with no burning or irritation as many topicals do to me. I'll be buying again. Thank you for a fantastic product.CBD products
2/11/2017Steven Finkelsen5 starsAlways fast shipping and amazing products. One of the only things I've found to help my neck/back pain and stiffness. It also helps with swollen fingers and wrists from hours of wirewrapping. Highly recommend. I actually took it around last summer to festivals and showed it to a few nurses/doctors. They all loved it and thought it would be amazing for burns, cuts, etc. as well. I mainly use it for inflammation and pain relief.CBD products
2/13/2017Emily Austin5 starsI want to thank you for what you do. My father has crater like holes in his legs that caused him constant pain, he was on pain medication for a few years then was cut off, then we found articles about the sisters and he has used the cbd oil for three weeks now, and he is a completely different person. it has taken most of hhis pain away.CBD infused oil
2/13/2017matt.southampton@gmail.com5 starsWonderful multi purpose. In just one week twice daily application the psoriasis which covered the sole of my foot was clear and no discomfort. Normally it would be a trip to the doctor for antibiotics and steroid lotion, not anymore now I’ve found this green gem. I use it when I think I could get a headache and it works wonders with relaxation great also for aching muscles, spots and insomnia and it sorts just about any ailment.salve
2/15/2017Kim Grigsby Miller5 starsI ordered the Salve for my Aunt who has Psoriatic Arthritis. She has suffered for many years from severe pain and nothing really helps. She applied this salve to her joints and had relief overnight! This product is amazing!salve
2/22/2017Helen Waltrip Jr.5 starsWOW!!! Who would have ever thought this one? Good for them for recognizing the healing power of cannibus. I am a 4 time survivor of 3 different kinds of cancer, I darn near died with the last one because I couldn't eat, I'm 5'7" and I weighed 90 pounds. A feeding tube was inserted into my colon by mistake, I was in the hospital for 30 days before I could even start chemo. When I returned home I started eatables and was finally able to eat. Good for you girls, keep up the good work!general
2/22/2017Westdw19@icloud.com5 starsThank you from the bottom of my heart Sister Kate! I’m a disabled veteran and I have been taking the oil with the salve since I received them in the mail. I’ve laid down the narcotic prescriptions thanks to this amazing combination. God bless!!salve
2/24/2017amamama@verizon.com5 starsI have read your writings and want to congratulate you on your journey to help those in need. The sacrifices that the sisters are making for all of us speaks volumnes for the human compassion that is emulating out in the universe from the valley. Thank you for GIVING. The work that the sisters are doing has inspired me to seek answers to my questions concerning my own health. I am not an advocate of the traditional health remedies as they often lead to massive drug dosage and sometimes even surgery. I hope and pray that the answers. I seek in meditation will yield fruitful result as I believe that the way to go is very natural once your are in tune with all that is natural.general
2/24/2017singing_wolf2003@yahoo.com5 starsThank you Sisters! I am so glad I found y’all! I have tried other companies Cbd and y’all are the best! The other company I tried did not help my fibromyalgia. This has been such a blessing! From the first dose I have had Significant pain relief. I will continue buying this cbd infused oil from y’all as it truly is a miracle for me. I am able to get around so much more now. Again, thank you Sisters from the bottom of my heartCBD infused oil
2/25/2017huntingchik@msn.com5 starsWhile I have not used this product much for myself as I have other cannabis infusions, I have been using this on our old dog. He is believed to have a brain tumor and has bouts of confusion, dizziness and head and body pain. I have been giving him 2 drops morning and night on a small piece of bread, and the results have been amazing. His appetite has returned, he is not dizzy as much and seems much happier. I will purchase this again for him to help him comfortably live out the remainder of his time with us.CBD infused oil